Conjoints extensive range of residential and domestic floor coating and cleaning services highlights the depth of knowledge and expertise within the company. We take great pride in our ability to deliver a high quality service in a prompt, reliable and effective manner. Among our many residential services we have a specific focus on stone flooring solutions, high pressure cleaning and epoxy flooring. We are widely considered to be the epoxy flooring specialists in Perth.



Depending on stone structure / colour and desired result there are different options available in our range of stone floor sealers.

Penetrating Natural Finish

As the name suggests there is no visible change to the surface and it provides a subcutaneous internal barrier – essentially blocking up the natural pores of the stone. This protects against liquids spilt whilst allowing moisture vapour from underneath to move through the stone and evaporate, thus allowing the stone to ‘breathe’. We can do this as an ongoing service or simply on an “as required” basis – you decide.

Colour Enhancer Penetrating Finish

Colour enhancing can look fantastic on the right stone – depending on the original colour of the stone – if it looks a bit dull we can bring it to life without making it look glassy and artificial.
This option is more effective on darker coloured stone flooring, with browns and charcoals becoming deeper and sharper but still managing to look natural as the finish is merely a semi-gloss or satin.

Film Forming Finish

Generally used externally on manufactured stones/paving these can be a good alternative to penetrating types.
It can be a sensible alternative, especially where there is a higher risk of surface contamination such as car oil, tannin stains from trees etc. Satin finishes are also available with the addition of a non-slip powder to prevent accidents occurring from a slippery surface [such as pool surrounds].



Conjoint Industries is the premier supplier of domestic epoxy floor coatings in Perth, including garage floor coatings and kitchens that’ll stop just about any stain and abrasion.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

An epoxy floor is sometimes referred to as liquid vinyl, epoxy resin or a polyurethane screed. It has its roots in the industrial sector but in recent years due to its versatility, durability and attractiveness the popularity of resin floors has grown massively in many other sectors.

Epoxy floors are extremely practical and durable with many great features. They are totally seamless giving fantastic hygienic values and they feel great underfoot with a soft “comfort” feel.

At Pour Your Floor we specialise in the installation of highly attractive and functional poured floors for the 21st century.

What are the advantages of Epoxy Flooring?

Extremely Durable, will easily outlast many other forms of hard flooring
Soft under foot “comfort” feel
Have virtually any colour (bar violets)
Multiple design options with our flake system
Have a one of a kind floor
Can be installed over underfloor heating
Up to 50% noise reduction compared with traditional hard flooring



Conjoint brings you the most professional, reliable, efficient and affordable high pressure cleaning service in Perth.

What is high pressure cleaning?

High Pressure Cleaning, also known as Pressure Washing, Power Washing or Power Cleaning, is the removal of dirt, mold, mildew and other contaminates from paving, driveways and similar hard surfaces by the application of water under high pressure and volume, using specialized equipment which protects the surface being cleaned.

Using high pressure hot water, Conjoint use the latest high pressure equipment to concentrate the cleaning zones and minimise any excess water use. Conjoints pressure cleaning methods are the best way of removing dirt and stubborn stains, bringing your surface back to its former glory.