Pressure cleaning


We have a great range of brick paving sealers for all types of paving to suit any situation.

To provide the best protection it is highly recommended that your brick paving is sealed to help keep it in the best condition for many years.

Like other surfaces they also require protection from spills and they will stain if left unsealed – easily becoming dirty.

Our paving sealers are designed to protect against oil stains and other general household stains and can be made non slip around pool areas or steep driveways.

We supply and install the best quality brick paving sealers on the market today and can clean and seal all types of paving such as: concrete pavers travertine, granite and limestone such as Fremantle Stone or Urbanstone.

So for any type of paving sealer or to just pressure clean paving – just call us today for a free quote or friendly advice

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